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“DK literally introduced me to the real music business.  From my first single release, my first radio tour, my first video, my merchandise, and my first nationwide tour.  As a DIY artist, I learned a ton from Dennis and know his presence in my career is and was invaluable.  He’s a knowledgable, tireless worker that cares, and that’s almost impossible to find in this business.”

Matt Stillwell - Country/Entrepreneur

Dennis always had a way of finding a way to get it done. Along the way, we found the best ways to make an independent like myself fit, and that’s hard to do in the world of corporate music. I would call it a success.

Jason Sturgeon Americana/Alt Country

“As an up and coming artist in the music industry, it can be tough to know what to believe and who to trust. Dennis not only is a fantastic person, but is very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of music city and the music business. Having him there to better explain strategies and tactics has already made this year more of a success than the previous one. Not only is he great at building a game plan, but he is even better at finding a realistic approach to put that game plan to work. Actions speak louder than words and DIY Artist Development is all action.”

Garret Biggs Mainstream Country

"DIY Artist Development and Mentoring Masterclass helped me understand the business side of music that is vital for any project. This program has a comfortable environment that is open to all questions. Musically, I spent a lot of time on my first single but without this program, I would have been very lost on the business side. Before this course, I had no real knowledge of the releasing process and all that goes into it. Dennis takes you through specific steps needed to take for releasing a song/album/EP as well as for the profession as a whole. If you are a new artist and want to learn all you can about the music industry I would highly recommend this course!"

Samatha Brenzel - Indi Rock

"DIY Artist Development and Mentoring Masterclass was a great resource for me! I have spent countless hours honing my craft as an electronic music producer/artist, but I hadn’t ever put any serious time or effort into learning the business or industry side of things. Dennis was able to explain numerous topics from the ground up in a digestible and informative manner, and that helped me get a grip on what I need to do to move forward. 

When I started the first session, I had no idea where to start in terms of releasing my music and developing my artist persona, but by the end of the program, I had an understanding of how to start building my career in a productive manner. If you are a musician who wants to take it to the next level but think you need a little help figuring out the business and management side of your career, this is the program for you!"

"mjanja" EDM/ Producer

"Dennis I have fond memories of you and your kindness and professionalism. You took us snot-nosed kids and made an album and got us airplay and turned us into a beloved band in ATL and beyond even though we were not ready for prime time miss you brother."

Todd Nystrom "Prime Time" Smooth Jazz

"I've worked with Dennis on multiple projects and have found him to be very knowledgeable on the ins and outs of the Music industry and feel his expertise would be a benefit for anyone involved in this program."

Craig Bann Aristo Media

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