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What's Next Nashville Presents "Home Grown:  DIY Artist Development & Mentoring Master Class." 
How much is a year of your time worth and if you could expedite your career path would you do it?
DIY Artist Development & Mentoring Master Class is 2 sessions that walks you through the various stages of the "development of an artist" and helps you develop your unique short term and long term career plan.  This plan will allow you to focus on your DIY career development, knowing that you have realistic and attainable career strategies that will enable you to be successful.    


Dennis Kurtz Bio

Dennis Kurtz has focused on Artist Development throughout his career, first as a manager, then as an agent, and more recently running boutique music companies that specialize in artist development.  DK has coordinated all aspects of running these label/publishing companies.  Day to Day responsibilitieshave included songwriter development, master recording/demos, touring (planning/booking/execution), sponsor business relationships, radio relationships & promotion, videos (creation/execution/promotion), internet/socials (develop campaigns, strategies, execution) physical/digital distribution, merchandise development and e-commerce, network development and much more.

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